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About Us

In 2018, we are facing an environmental crisis with the use of plastic occupying our planet and causing devastating events on the eco-system as well as harming the beautiful creatures that inhabit it. Eco Beauty Tools was born out of the need to do something about this problem we face. When treating ourselves with self-care, whether it be through pampering at the spa or expressing ourselves through makeup artistry, we should feel like we have done so without harming others in the process. 
Luckily there is a solution on the rise! We have seen bamboo toothbrushes replace plastic toothbrushes, now it's time to take it one step further and bring this movement into the beauty world. 
Thank-you for not only supporting Eco Beauty Tools as a small business but as a way to tread lighter in this beautiful world that we live in together. 
In order to maintain social and environmental responsibility we maintain the following values:
  • Sourcing sustainable + eco-friendly materials for our products as far as possible.
  • Only using materials which are vegan + cruelty-free 
  • Only using what is necessary to wrap your products for posting.
  • Posting through Australia's first carbon-neutral shipping service
  • Printing on recycled paper for flyers 
  • Reusing recycled paper boxes for posting order 
  • Donating 10% of every sale to conservation projects
  • Teaming up with Terracycle to ensure strict waste management procedures